School Hours:
2700 Rossview Rd, Clarksville, TN 37043
931-342-8937 | 931-342-8938 (fax)
Regular Day: 7:00 AM to 2:20 PM
Half Day: 7:00 AM to 10:50 AM
Early Release: 12:00 PM

How do I register my student?
CMCSS has made it convenient for parents/guardians to enroll and/or transfer their student. Go to and select the correct tab. Once everything is completed online, please bring the required documents to the school to complete the registration. Documents such as birth certificate, TN Immunization record, proof of custody, and 2 proofs of residence for the Kirkwood zone. Please refer to for a list of acceptable proofs of residence. 

How do I contact a teacher and/or administrator?
You can always contact your student's teacher/admin by email. Please refer to our website or your student's PowerSchool for the list of staff. 

How do I turn in absent excuses?
Please have your student(s) bring all absent excuses directly to the main office.

What do I need to pick up my student?
To dismiss your student, you must be on their pickup list and show your ID. NO STUDENT WILL BE DISMISSED PAST 1:45 PM

How do i get the password information to check my student's grades online?
CMCSS has made it convenient to check grades, update student information and retrieve report cards. Please go to to keep up with all of your child's information.  

Is it possible to change my student's related arts classes?
The middle school philosophy is for students to be exposed to all related arts classes in a rotation throughout their years as middle school student. The rationale behind this philosophy is that students will be able to make an informed decision regarding their electives in high school once they have had experience in a variety of classes in middle school. As a result of this philosophy, middle school in our district do not allow for students to choose which related arts classes they have each semester, rather we rely on a random assortment of classes to be schedule for each student. 

Can my student have PE all year OR can my student be taken out of PE?
Each student is required to have at least one semester of PE each school year. Some students will randomly be placed in PE for both semesters, which is encouraged by the state. However, due to class sizes, all students will have PE for a minimum of one semester. The only exceptions to this are students with medical documentation that prohibits them from physical activity (doctor's note required each year) or student(s) that are in both choir and band. 

How can I find out my student's transportation information?
Please refer to for zoning information. You also can refer to to find out your student's bus location. 

What is the dresscode policy?
CMCSS has a student code of conduct which details all policies and procedures. Please refer to the link, , specifically page 37 for dress code policy. 

I would like to get my student a computer case/cover, what size are computers?
Computers will not go home with students this year but they are 14 inches. 

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